The Team


(From Left to Right) Tiffany Jaquins, John Paul Stott, Jessi Norton, Lauren Kew

Tiffany Jaquins: Project Coordinator

As a senior Advertising major from Atlanta, GA, I am passionate about building genuine, long-lasting relationships between brands and their consumers. My English minor and New Media Certificate studies have helped me understand the power in a story. I want to utilize this understanding o help brands tell their stories in a relatable and impactful ways as an Advertising Account Manager or Media Planner.

John Paul Stott: Creative Content Director

I am a senior at the University of Georgia; pushing myself creatively has led me to pursue the New Media Certificate. This course of study has lead me to develop a greater understanding of how digital media works in our daily lives and how to create relevant content for individual media users.

Lauren Kew: Lead Researcher and Content Producer

As a senior Economics major from Roswell, GA, I have a fascination with data and what we are able to draw from data anaylsis. My Public Health minor and New Media certificate studies have cultivated an appreciation for the intersection of public sector business and technology. At this particular intersection, I hope to use my educational experience to become a Supply Chain Engineering Consultant for global non-profit firms.

Jessi Norton: Technology Director and Programmer

As a senior Magazine Journalism major, I love indulging my curiosity so I can share the amazing variety of the world around us through long-form storytelling. My New Media Certificate is teaching me how to tell those stories in new and innovative ways. I want to use these skills to build my own media platform that allows me to explore and write about the things that I love.

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